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Take a survey; win $1,000!

How would you like to kick off the summer season with an extra $1,000?

The national Jack FM network is hosting its annual Radio Music Test starting this Friday, April 20th, and everyone who participates will be included in a drawing for a $1,000 giveaway!

Seriously – no gimmicks, no backdoor multi-level marketing schemes, no bait-and-switch. You know how big companies like to say “Our research shows …” and leave you wondering where they got the information? It’s through market surveys like this one, and the cash giveaway is the best way they can incentive you to share your thoughts and opinions!

You matter. But more importantly, cash matters.

So please, click this link, take the Radio Music Test, and then if you win we’ll be happy to join you for a sandwich. Or steak. Or shopping spree.

Montana Lottery and 105.9 JackFM invite you to try your luck at a Jack Sack!

Starting Feb. 26, when you hear the cue text LUCKY to us at (406) 848-1059 to be entered to win one of 10 lucky Jack Sacks.

What’s inside?

Well, that’s the catch. Jack’s not telling.

But you can expect some Montana Lottery scratchers, maybe some FREE concert tickets, a gift card or two to your favorite local businesses … If you’re REALLY lucky you might take home some sweet Jack schwag! Each Jack Sack is a little bit different than the next, but some sacks are luckier than others!

We’ll collect names and numbers throughout each weekday and then pick two lucky Jack Sack winners every Friday in March!

So, you got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, Jackhead?

Get your Jack Sack on!
Win the ultimate hunting package!

The best part isn’t the time outdoors, though that’s certainly near the top of the list.

No, the best part about hunting, at least according to Jack, is all the tasty eating that comes for the six to nine months following.

Deer, elk and more deer – that sounds like breakfast, lunch and dinner to Jack.

This fall, Jack is absolutely delighted to offer up a sweet hunter’s package that honors not just the sport – but the eating part, too. Not one but TWO loyal Jackheads will be walking away this month with a $500 gift certificate to Snowy Mountain Rifles plus a gigantic top-loading freezer from Fred’s Appliance.

If you’re not familiar with Snowy Mountain Rifles, it’s probably because they just now set up shop in Missoula.

Don’t get it wrong – they’ve been putting together made-to-order custom long-range hunting and tactical rifles in wester Montana for years.

But now they’ve got a BRAND NEW shop open out on Stockyard Road just off North Reserve, where they also offer gunsmithing, cerakoting and sell rifle accessories like night force optics, vortex optics – even camo clothing and gear.

Stop by sometime and check ’em out. Whether your game is hunting elk in the high country or shooting steel, Snowy Mountain can hook you up with extreme power, extreme range and extreme accuracy.

So now the big question … how do you win?

Well, there’s two ways. Starting Nov. 6 you can follow fill out this online form with all your details … OR … starting that same day you can register in person out at Snowy Mountain Rifles. They’re open 9-6 every weekday and they’ll be glad to get you all signed up.

Jack will draw two winners – the first on Nov. 10, the second on Nov. 17.

Best of luck to ya. And if you do manage to get something tasty in that there freezer, don’t forget who sent ya …

Hey Jack listeners – feeling lucky?

If not, you best start rubbing one of those weird furry rabbit foot thingies¬†because we’re giving away¬†$105 in scratch lotto tickets each week through the month of October!

How do you qualify?

Tune in to 105.9 Jack FM Missoula every weekday and when you hear the sound of the jackpot just text “Jackpot” to 848-1059.

We’ll pick a new winner each Friday in October!

Text as many times as you want for your chance to get lucky with Montana Lottery and 105.9 Jack FM Missoula!


Get your Jackpot on with Jack!
Get your watermelon on!

You call it lazy; Jack calls it life efficiency.

We’re talking about his lifelong dedication to minimizing output. That means don’t get up when someone else can get it for you, don’t make plans unless a court order requires it, and stay away from competitive sports altogether.

That worked for most of Jack’s life – until Takeru Kobayashi upended the world of competitive eating with 50 hot dogs downed in the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in 2001.

That’s when Jack added an asterisk to his life mantra: Stay away from competitive sports altogether, except when massive amounts of eating is involved.

Hot dogs? Check. Pies? Yawn. Burgers, chicken wings, pizzas? Been there, done that.

But watermelon? Now THAT’s a food in which Jack would love to out-eat you.

Good news, Jackhead: You now have a chance to try your skills at competitive watermelon eating.

It’s going down this Saturday, September 2nd, at the Ravalli County Fair, and while Jack was ruled ineligible for performance enhancing drugs – the contest is wide-open for your participation.

This year’s winner will walk home with the following prizes:

-Ten FREE pint fills at Bitter Root Brewery
-Two BOGO soaks at Lolo Hot Springs
-Two FREE drink coupons at Lolo Hot Springs bar
-$25 cash from Bitterroot Community Federal Credit Union
-$25 gift certificate to Florence Coffee Company
-$75 gift certificate to The Steel Paintbrush tattoo and piercing studio
-Jack FM goodie bag with cooler, tshirt, coozies and stickers

That doesn’t even include all the watermelon you can eat PLUS bragging rights.

So if you’re at least 21 years old and take eating as seriously as Jack, this is the contest for you. Contest takes place at 4 pm – again, that’s at the Ravalli County Fair in Hamilton this Saturday, September 2nd.

Click HERE to sign up.

Good luck, and thanks for listening to Jack! And if you read this far, your reward is this excellent primer on how to prepare for – and win – a competitive eating contest.