To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Montana Lottery‘s million dollar giveaway on Jan. 1, Jack is counting down the Top 10 things he’d buy with a million dollars!

No. 10: He’d rent every downtown parking space – including garages – through March 8th.

photo8No. 9: He’d take over the streets with 37 new Outbacks from Subaru of Missoula – or really build an army with 397 of those old green ones he see

No. 8: He’d load up on 125,156 pounds of Good Food Store salad. Or 200,000 milkshakes from the Uptown Diner. Depends on his mood.

No. 7: He’d fill his closet with “406 Montana” T-shirts from The Green Light.

No. 6: He’d keep the holiday spirit alive for at least a few weeks into the new year with 250,000 pints of Cold Smoke from KettleHouse Brewing Company.

No. 5: He’d rent Caras Park and throw a party so huge it’d keep downtown rockin’ til the spring of 2020.

No. 4: He’d grab his ski gear and some warm clothes and head up to Montana Snowbowl, which he secured ALL TO HIMSELF for 33 and a third straight days!

No. 3: Nobody likes to get jacked like Jack likes to get jacked, so at least SOME of the cash would go towards coffee. OK … more like all of it.

At $1.50 each, a million dollars would secure 666,666 12-ounce cups of hot coffee at Liquid Planet. So how long would that last? Throw in several hundred of their “Buy 10, get one free” cards and Jack would have enough coffee to last at LEAST through the first week of January. Woo hoo!

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