And please don’t smell the bunny …

How do you Easter?

If you’re like most Montanans, you’ll spend $53 – nearly all on food and candy, and about half of you will don your Sunday best and head to church.

But more so than anything, you’ll spend the holiday dying eggs and snapping the heads off solid chocolate bunnies.creepy-chocolate-murder

You most definitely won’t be eating Peeps. surveyed 1,000 respondents across the U.S. to identify holiday trends and then broke the data down by state. Hardly any of their findings were surprising – except the part where Oklahomans seem to enjoy smelling their chocolate bunnies before eating them (?!?!)

Here are the numbers that matter to you:

-70 percent of Americans will celebrate Easter in 2017

-The average American will spend $53, with 52.5 percent spending on food and 49.4 percent on candy (same thing, if you ask us).

-Reese’s eggs are the most popular Easter candy nationwide, with 30.3 percent support – but in Montana, Cadbury Eggs take the cake.

ylvvjL5-Montanans agree with America that solid chocolate bunnies are better than hollow or “filled” bunnies – but whereas 55 percent of the county eats the ears first, Montanans prefer to snap off the poor bunny’s head.
-Alaska, Delaware and North Dakota residents are apparently the only smart ones, preferring money in their Easter baskets. Montanans, like most others, said, “Screw the cash, we want some candy!” In West Virginia, apparently they prefer clothes in their baskets. But if you lived in West Virginia, you probably would too.

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