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Win Your Own Love Story!

This Valentine’s Day don’t rely on emojis to express your love … do it the proper way, with something that sparkles!

MorganJackPic105.9 Jack FM and Morgan Jewelers are excited to present “Write Your Own Love Story” – a contest by lovers for lovers, with none of those empty promises and cheesy poems to water it down.

Yep, we’re going straight to the meat: A $200 gift certificate to Morgan Jeweler’s PLUS a free romantic dinner at Caffe Firenze and a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the Flower Bed!

All you gotta do is follow THIS LINK and tell us YOUR love story – How did you meet? How do you spend your Valentine’s Days? How do you know he/she is the one for you? There’s no guidelines – just tell us your story and we’ll announce a grand prize winner on Feb. 10th!

It’s time to “Write Your Own Love Story” – a contest for lovers who really love loving, brought to you by 105.9 Jack FM and Morgan Jewelers!

Here again is the link. Best of luck!