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Win cash for your opinion??!!

A dream come true…

Yes you could win $1000 just for taking a test. Not the kinda test you have to study for, no, a music test all about what you like to crank up on your stereo! Your opinions help determine what songs get played on your radio! Now Jack takes pride in playing what he wants but he also wants to know what YOU think!
What YOU think really matters and in the radio music test survey we’ll ask you a few questions and ask you to rate some songs – so make sure your speakers are turned up!

A new winner $1000 EACH Thursday just for giving your opinion on the tunes you love.

Click the highlighted link over here to get started—-> RADIO MUSIC TEST


 How’d you like to start the summer season with $1000 cash?

JACK FM is conducting another nationwide music test this spring to spruce up the playlist and give you a chance to win some moolah. What does this mean for you? Exam anxiety? Do you need to study? NOPE, just giving our listeners a chance at $1000 in cash!


Beginning May 8th-June 6th head on over to the RADIO MUSIC TEST to get started! Any Jackhead who takes even a portion of the test will be entered to win a cash prize, the more ‘music pods’ you complete the higher your chances at the big $1000 cash prize! Listen to music, let us know what you think and that’s that, you’re entered to win. Now if only that drivers ed test Jack has been meaning to take was as easy…



WIN CASH with the JACK FM Music Test!
Take a survey; win $1,000!

How would you like to kick off the summer season with an extra $1,000?

The national Jack FM network is hosting its annual Radio Music Test starting this Friday, April 20th, and everyone who participates will be included in a drawing for a $1,000 giveaway!

Seriously – no gimmicks, no backdoor multi-level marketing schemes, no bait-and-switch. You know how big companies like to say “Our research shows …” and leave you wondering where they got the information? It’s through market surveys like this one, and the cash giveaway is the best way they can incentive you to share your thoughts and opinions!

You matter. But more importantly, cash matters.

So please, click this link, take the Radio Music Test, and then if you win we’ll be happy to join you for a sandwich. Or steak. Or shopping spree.