WIN CASH with the JACK FM Music Test!

 How’d you like to start the summer season with $1000 cash?

JACK FM is conducting another nationwide music test this spring to spruce up the playlist and give you a chance to win some moolah. What does this mean for you? Exam anxiety? Do you need to study? NOPE, just giving our listeners a chance at $1000 in cash!


Beginning May 8th-June 6th head on over to the RADIO MUSIC TEST to get started! Any Jackhead who takes even a portion of the test will be entered to win a cash prize, the more ‘music pods’ you complete the higher your chances at the big $1000 cash prize! Listen to music, let us know what you think and that’s that, you’re entered to win. Now if only that drivers ed test Jack has been meaning to take was as easy…